Praha-Vršovice railway station

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File:Praha-Vršovice reilway station.JPG
View of station building from the platform

Praha-Vršovice railway station (Template:Lang-cs) is a railway station located in Prague 4, located at the edge of Vršovice and Nusle, which carried 1,826,000 passengers in 2009.<ref name=rocenka>Ro?enka dopravy Praha 2009</ref> The station is located on the main line from Praha hlavní nádraží to ?eské Bud?jovice, and the local line to Dob?íš and ?er?any via Vrané nad Vltavou.

The mainline to ?eské Bud?jovice opened in 1871, beginning from what is now Praha-Hostiva? railway station. On March 1, 1882 the line was extended further towards Prague to this station, which was opened under the name Nusle. The station was renamed Nusle-Vršovice in 1912, and then Praha-Vršovice in 1948. The station is classed as a cultural monument.

Vršovice station is not served by the Prague Metro, but numerous tram routes call outside the station on Vršovická street.


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