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Predeal (Template:IPA-ro; Template:Lang-de; Template:Lang-hu) is a town in Bra?ov County, Romania. Predeal, a mountain resort town, is the highest town in Romania. It is located in the Prahova Valley at an elevation of over Template:Convert.

The town administers three villages: Pârâul Rece, Timi?u de Jos (Alsótömös/Untertömösch) and Timi?u de Sus (Fels?tömös/Obertömösch).

Beginning in the 2000s, the area experienced a boom in construction, and now many wealthy families own mountain retreats in Predeal.

During the 2013 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival, it hosted the cross country skiing and snowboarding competitions.


The name Predeal is derived from the Slavic word predel, which means "border".


File:Peisaj Timisul de Jos.jpg
Timi?u de Sus village

Predeal is situated in the Centru development region of Romania, in the Prahova Valley, in the southern part of Bra?ov County. Neighboring towns include Azuga to the south, Bu?teni to the southwest, Râ?nov to the northwest and Bra?ov to the north.

The town is mountainous, with the Piatra Mare mountains to the north, the Bucegi mountains to the southwest and the Post?varul Massif to the northwest. The woods around Predeal have a rich and diversified fauna, including a high number of wild boars, European pine martens, bears, foxes, gray wolves, deer, squirrels, rabbits, badgers and heather cocks.


The town of Predeal is a well-known tourist destination in Romania, especially in winter.

Predeal has five major ski runs, each with a difficulty grade. Most of them have snowmaking guns, and some are fitted with floodlights and ski lifts. The length of the pistes range between Template:Convert (Cl?bucet variant?) and Template:Convert (Coco?ul).

Some of the town's tourist attractions include the 3 Brazi Chalet, The Susai Chalet and The Poiana Secuilor Chalet. In close proximity to Predeal are several tourist destinations, including the Pele? Castle, Râ?nov Citadel, Bran Castle, The Old Town of Bra?ov, Biserica Neagr? and the Seven Ladders Canyon.

The town has been certified as a climate resort by government decree (H.G. 226/1992) due to the strongly ionized air rich in ultraviolet radiation and the low atmospheric pressure. Because of this, Predeal is popular within the holistic healing community.


File:RO BV Predeal train station.jpg
Predeal railway station

The town is crossed by two national roads (DN73A and DN1) and one national railway (Line 300, one of the main lines in Romania). Predeal is one of the cities which will be crossed by the future Bucharest – Bra?ov motorway.

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