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Template:Infobox UK disused station Primrose Hill was a railway station at Primrose Hill, in the London Borough of Camden, London, England.

It was opened on 5 May 1855 as Hampstead Road,<ref name="butt113">Butt (1995), page 113</ref> replacing an earlier station of that name (opened 9 June 1851). It was renamed Chalk Farm on 1 December 1862<ref name="butt57">Butt (1995), page 57</ref> and became Primrose Hill on 25 September 1950.<ref name="butt191">Butt (1995), page 191</ref> The station closed on 28 September 1992.<ref name="butt191"/>


The station was at the junction of the line west from Template:Stnlnk on the North London Line and the West Coast Main Line. There were platforms on both lines; they could be seen from trains using Template:Stnlnk. The platforms serving Euston closed in 1915. The remaining passenger service was, usually peak hours only, between Broad Street and Template:Stnlnk. After Broad Street closed in 1986 the service ran to Template:LUL stations, and by the time Primrose Hill station closed only one passenger train a day was using the line.

File:Camden, Hampstead Road, Kentish Town, King's Cross, Maiden Lane & St Pancras Blackfriars, Snow Hill & West Street RJD 84.jpg
A 1903 Railway Clearing House Junction Diagram showing (left) railways in the vicinity of Primrose Hill (shown here as Chalk Farm N.L.)

When the sweep of the North London Line through Hampstead Heath is closed for emergencies or engineering work, the route through Primrose Hill is a viable diversion for North London Line services to access Template:LUL stations (Low Level).

The area is served by the nearby Template:LUL stations station on the Northern Line of the London Underground.

The station building still exists, and is occupied by a shop. It is on Bridge Approach at one end of the pedestrianised bridge over the railway tracks. Nearby is The Roundhouse, an 1847 turntable engine shed, now used as an entertainment venue.

The platform canopies and the buildings supporting them were demolished by Network Rail in December 2008.


File:Overground second.png
The possible future London Overground network

Template:Primrose Hill RDT It has been proposed to re-open Primrose Hill station by bringing the short stretch of line between Template:Stnlnk and Template:Stnlnk stations back into the regular passenger service by incorporating it into the London Overground network.

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