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Prins Alexander is a borough in the northeast of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Prins Alexander has 7 neighbourhoods:

  • Het Lage Land
  • Kralingseveer
  • Nesselande
  • Ommoord
  • Oosterflank
  • Prinsenland
  • Zevenkamp

Public transportation

Prins Alexander is connected to the city center of Rotterdam through Rotterdam Metro lines A and B, with line A connecting to Binnenhof station and line B to Nesselande station.

Prins Alexanderpolder

Large parts of Prins Alexander lie in the Prins Alexanderpolder. This polder was reclaimed from peat fen near the river Rotte, north east of the city. In total 14 peat fens were laid dry. The fens were drained between 1865 and 1874, resulting in 2,660 acres of farmland. The polder was named after Prince Alexander of the Netherlands (1851-1884).

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