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Priory Preparatory School is a preparatory school based in Banstead, Surrey, for boys aged two to thirteen years.<ref name="priory1">Priory preparatory school for boys</ref> The school is a member of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS)<ref name="iaps1">IAPS - Promoting Excellence in Education</ref> and of the Independent Schools Council (ISC).<ref name="isc1">- Introduction</ref> It was founded in 1921, and moved to its current location in 1936. It is a charitable trust


The main building, known as the Red House, was built in 1885 and given as a wedding present to Herbert Edgar Reid (and his wife) by his father-in-law.<ref name="bansteadhistory1">Banstead History Research Group (BHRG)</ref>

The Priory School was founded in 1921 within Sydenham, County of London by Charles S. Poole and was called as such because it occupied an old building that had been a priory. It actually came to the Red House in 1936.<ref name="priory2">- Home Page</ref><ref name="epsom1">- Home Page</ref>

The school originally catered for both boys and girls up to the age of twelve, but after the move to Banstead it eventually became an all-boys preparatory school.<ref name="bansteadhistory1"/> The task of changing the school to an all-boys school fell to John Skinner, who was given this task when he first came to the Red House at Priory in 1938.<ref name="priory2"/>

The Priory was one of the schools in Banstead that remained open throughout World War II. On 17 November 1940, the school was extensively damaged by fire resulting from High Explosive incendiary bombs which hit the top floor of the Red House.<ref name="bansteadhistory1"/><ref name="epsom1"/> The damage to the school was so severe that repairs could not be carried out until after the wars end, because of the fire damage the number of pupils dropped dramatically and in 1944 the school only had eighteen pupils, during this period the school was only able to operate on half days, with lessons being held in the cellar of the Red House.<ref name="epsom1"/>


  • Mr. Charles S. Poole (1921–1951)
  • Mr. John Skinner (1951–1980)
  • Mr. John Saunders-Griffiths (1980–1990)
  • Mr. Ian R Chapman (1990–2000)
  • Mr. Graham Malcolm (2000–Present)<ref name="priory2"/>



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