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Template:Infobox settlement The Province of Ravenna (Template:Lang-it) is a province in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Its capital is the city of Ravenna.

It has an area of 1,858 km², and a total population of about 400,000. There are 1 comuni (singular: comune) in the province [1], Comuni of the Province of Ravenna. As of May 31, 2005, the main comuni by population were:

Comune Population
Ravenna 147,654
Faenza 54,900
Lugo 31,902
Cervia 26,892
Bagnacavallo 16,152
Alfonsine 11,754
Russi 10,787
Conselice 9,284
Massa Lombarda 9,228
Castel Bolognese 8,728
Fusignano 7,976
Brisighella 7,697
Cotignola 6,974
Riolo Terme 5,460
Casola Valsenio 2,764

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