Puente de San Martín (Toledo)

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File:Puente de San Martín, August 2012.jpg
Puente de San Martín (left) in Toledo

The Puente de San Martín (Template:Lang-en) is a medieval bridge across the river Tagus in Toledo, Spain.


The bridge was constructed in the late 14th century by archbishop Pedro Tenorio to provide access to the old town from the west, complementing the older Puente de Alcántara linking to the east. Both sides of the bridge were heavily fortified with towers, the more recent dating from the 16th century.

File:St. Martins Bridge, Toledo.png
A Victorian depiction of St. Martins Bridge.

The Puente de San Martín features five arches, with the largest in the middle reaching an impressive span length of 40 m. Only very few bridges in the world had reached that mark until then.

File:Toledo bridge.JPG
Puente de San Martín in Toledo

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