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The former Royal Air Force Station Butzweilerhof, commonly known as RAF Butzweilerhof was a Royal Air Force station/airfield airbase in Germany situated in the northern suburbs of Cologne (Template:Lang-de). The station’s motto was Per Vires Pax, and the station crest depicts the Cologne cathedral rising above the waters.

History and the RAF

From the 1920s Butzweilerhof was the main civil airport for Cologne, but was taken over by the RAF during August 1951. RAF aircraft ceased flying in 1965, and the RAF formally left Butzweilerhof, closing down the station on 27 January 1967. The few civilian employees remaining at the beginning of 1967 were required to leave by the end of January, and on 31 January 1967, Butzweilerhof airfield was officially handed over to the Bundeswehr.

In 1957 it was the base for 5 Signals Wing, The Band of RAF Germany and 420 Recovery & Salvage Squadron.

Butzweilerhof squadrons & aircraft

  • No. 68 Squadron RAF - operating Gloster Meteor NF11
  • No. 87 Squadron RAF - operating Gloster Meteor NF11

Butzweilerhof today

A very small part of the old airfield was used by the Bundeswehr (German army) until December 30, 2007 after which the Butzweilerkaserne was closed and turned into a mixed retail/residential area. The rest of the land was re-developed into film studios (MMC) between 1998 and 1999. On the film studio lot, a renovated hangar still bears the inscription of the Belgian Army who were stationed at Butzweiler. The remaining land has now been divided up for residential and office re-development. The Butzweilerhof main airport terminal building, opened in 1926 is protected as a listed building and is undergoing renovations.

The terminal building restoration has now (2007) been largely completed. In late December 2007, the bulldozers moved in to tear down most, if not all, of the remaining RAF site buildings. As of December 2008, the portion of the former Kaserne to the right of the main gate was completely cleared of the former military buildings. Most of the vacated property is being redeveloped into a strip mall consisting of a new IKEA store and several other retailers. The Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe (KVB) is also in the process of constructing a new 1,85 km long extension from the current Ossendorf terminus into the Butzweilerhof/Gewerbegebiet Ossendorf area. 3 new stations (Köhlstrasse, Butzweiler/IKEA and the new terminus, Von-Hünefeld-Strasse) will be added to the existing Line 5. This extension is scheduled to open in December 2010.



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