Rainier III Nautical Stadium

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File:Hafenansicht Monaco.jpg
A panorama of Monaco's Port Hercules. The Nautical Stadium is on the left of the picture.

The Rainier III Nautical Stadium is a municipal sports complex on the Route de la Piscine in the Port Hercules district of Monaco.<ref name='Mon'>Template:Cite web</ref>

Built in 1972, the stadium consists of a heated saltwater Olympic-size swimming pool, with 1, 3, 5, and 10m diving platforms, and a 45m slide. The pool is converted into a 1,000m2 ice rink from December to March.<ref name='Mon'/><ref name="NobleHughes2004"/>

The pool gives its name to the "Swimming Pool chicane" (or "Piscene") at the annual Monaco Grand Prix.<ref name="NobleHughes2004">Template:Cite book</ref><ref name="Irvine2001">Template:Cite book</ref> The construction of the Nautical Stadium necessitated the biggest change to the Circuit de Monaco since its creation in the 1920s.<ref name="NobleHughes2004"/>



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