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Houses on Redcliffe Square

Redcliffe Square is a town square located in the Kensington area of southwest central London, England (postcode SW10). Redcliffe Square Gardens are located in the square.

Redcliffe Gardens runs northwest–southeast through the square. To the east is The Boltons. To the southwest is Brompton Cemetery.


Redcliffe Square was built as part of the Gunter estate in the 1860s. The area was dominated by farmland prior to building development and Redcliffe Gardens used to be one of the old routes through the area, called Walnut Tree Walk, until the estate was laid out. Robert Gunter initiated most of the development of the estate, and much of the design was by his surveyor George Godwin working with his brother Henry. The name Redcliffe was chosen due to Godwin's connections with Bristol.

This square was given to the Borough for free in 1949 providing its character was maintained.



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