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Template:Infobox restaurant The Regency Café is a art deco style cafe in Regency Street, London. It first opened in 1946, and has been used as a filming location on several occasions. In 2013, it was voted as the fifth best restaurant in London by users of Yelp.


The Regency Café opened in 1946 on Regency Street, London, near to the borders of Westminster and Pimlico.<ref name=timeoutreview>Template:Cite news</ref> It was sold by the original owners to Antonio Perotti and Gino Schiavetta in 1986.<ref name=westendx>Template:Cite news</ref> It is now run by Antonio's daughter, Claudia and Gino's son Marco.<ref name=timeoutreview/><ref name=indy>Template:Cite news</ref>

The interior tiling is original,<ref name=hautecuisine/> while the tables are newer and formica topped. Interior decorations include photographs of Tottenham Hotspur football players.<ref name=timeoutreview/> The cafe is designed in an art deco style.<ref name=filmlondon/> The cafe has been featured as a filming location in several BBC series such as Judge John Deed and Rescue Me. It has also appeared in the films Layer Cake and Brighton Rock.<ref name=filmlondon>Template:Cite web</ref> In print, it has appeared in the Japanese version of the magazine Vogue and in a Volkswagen advertisement.<ref name=westendx/>


The Regency Café serves cuisine traditionally seen in a greasy spoon style cafe. It includes a variety of breakfast food such as Eggs Benedict, although with fried eggs. The tea served was described by Harry Wallop for The Daily Telegraph, as "Proper builders’ tea, the stuff that once fuelled the docks, factories and steelworks of Britain; a mug of pure, liquid copper."<ref name=hautecuisine/> Other items include a homemade steak pie.<ref name=westendx/><ref name=indy/>


In 2013, the Regency Café was voted as the fifth best restaurant in London by users of the website Yelp.<ref name=hautecuisine>Template:Cite news</ref> It had already been included in a list of the top five less expensive places to eat in the UK, also produced by Yelp for the Wall Street Journal.<ref name=indy/> Harry Wallop, writing for The Daily Telegraph in April 2013, described the Regency Café as the "real deal" when it came to retro style cafes.<ref name=hautecuisine/> He praised the food served, saying that it was rough but tasted good.<ref name=hautecuisine/> A Time Out review in April 2013 called the food "stodgetastic" and gave it a score of three out of five.<ref name=timeoutreview/>