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File:Richard Visser's oliebollenkraam.jpg
Richard Visser's oliebollen stand in Rotterdam on New Year's Eve 2011

Richard Visser is a Dutch pastry chef (aged 42 in December 2011) who runs a pastry stand (Template:Lang-nl located on the corner of the Heemraadssingel and the Vierambachtsstraat in Rotterdam), which mainly sells oliebollen. In 2011 his oliebollen were named the best in the Netherlands by the Algemeen Dagblad national newspaper in their AD-Oliebollentest; this was his eighth win in nineteen years.<ref name="NOS">Template:Nl Template:Cite news</ref><ref name="AD">Template:Nl Template:Cite news</ref> He won again in 2013.



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