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Richmond Railway Bridge in Richmond, south-west London crosses the River Thames immediately upstream of Twickenham Bridge. It carries National Rail services operated by South West Trains on the Waterloo to Reading Line, and lies between Richmond and St. Margarets stations.

After the railway came to Richmond station in 1846, the line was extended to Windsor. Joseph Locke and J E Errington designed the original bridge – and a similar bridge at Barnes – with three 100-foot cast iron girders supported on stone-faced land arches with two stone-faced river piers.<ref name= "Cherry and Pevsner">Template:Cite book</ref> Due to concerns over its structural integrity, the bridge was rebuilt in 1908 reusing the existing piers and abutments to a design by the London & South Western Railway's chief engineer, J W Jacomb-Hood.<ref name="Geograph">Template:Cite web</ref> The main bridge girders and decking were replaced in 1984.<ref name="Tour UK">Template:Cite web</ref>

The bridge and the approach viaduct, which crosses Richmond's Old Deer Park, was declared a Grade II listed structure in 2008,<ref name="Heritage">Template:Cite web</ref> providing protection to preserve its special character from unsympathetic development.<ref name="BBC 2008">Template:Cite news</ref>

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