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The Roßkopf tower (actually Friedrichsturm or Frederick's tower after Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden)<ref name="SWS"> Template:Cite web</ref> is a 34.4 m (113 ft) high observation tower of steel frame structure commissioned and financed by the Schwarzwaldverein (Black Forest Club) and built by the Freiburg architect Philipp Anton Lazy in 1889 on the 737 m (2,418 ft) high Roßkopf near Freiburg between the Dreisam valley and the Glotter valley.

It is one of the oldest steel lattice towers in Germany. From its observation platform above the treetops of the wooded hilltop the visitor can enjoy an all-round panoramic view<ref name="tower"> Template:Cite web</ref> of the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley, in good visibility to the south until the Alps and the west the Kaiserstuhl and the Vosges.




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