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Template:Infobox building The Rogier Tower (Template:Lang-nl, Template:Lang-fr) is a skyscraper located in the Northern Quarter central business district of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Brussels, Belgium. It owes its name to the Place Charles Rogier/Karel Rogierplein in front of the building. It was formerly known as the Dexia Tower after the bank Dexia (now Belfius), but that bank fell victim to the 2007–2012 global financial crisis, and the tower's name was changed on March 1, 2012. It is the third tallest building in Belgium.

It is built on the site of the Rogier International Centre (Template:Lang-fr, Template:Lang-nl), also called the Martini Tower, which was formerly the tallest building in Belgium, but was demolished in 2001.<ref name=sp/> Constructed between 2002 and 2006, the Rogier Tower is 137 m tall. It was originally planned to be 179 m tall, but the proposal was rejected because the height was thought to be excessive.<ref name=sp/> The Rogier Tower is also one of the few towers in Brussels whose roof is not horizontal, instead being made up of three inclined sections. It is also one of the only towers in the world to have a fully glass roof. Dexia claims that the opposite sloping of the roofs are reminiscent of the stylized letter X in the Dexia logo.<ref name=Dexia/>


The building has 6000 windows, and 4200 of these are equipped with an average of 12 lightbulbs, each having a red, green and blue LED, allowing a broad palette of colours to be formed. These are lit up to form colourful displays, with each window acting as a pixel. To minimize power consumption, the LEDs only illuminate the outside of the closed blinds, and the reflection off the blinds illuminates the window.<ref name=Dexia>Template:Cite web</ref> Usually the display is just abstract patterns or the temperature, but on special occasions and major holidays, customized displays are shown. Due to the late-2000s recession, the lighting has been greatly reduced, and the displays are now on for only 10 minutes an hour.<ref name=Dexia/>

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