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Roma Tiburtina is the second largest railway station in Rome, after Roma Termini. Located in the north-eastern part of the city, it is being redeveloped as a hub for the Italian high speed rail services instead of Termini, which is a terminal station.


The station was originally opened in 1866.

In 2004, plans were prepared for an upgrade of the station, with works commenced in 2007 at an expected cost of €155 million. The new station is expected to cater 300 thousand passengers daily. By November 2011, all the works costed €330 million.

A fire broke out in the relay room on the west side of the station on 24 July 2011, at 4 am. At 6am, water was cut from five neighbourhoods in order to facilitate efforts by the fire brigade to end the fire. The metro line B was also temporarily closed between Castro Pretorio and Monti Tiburtini. As the fire broke out in the relay room, most controls for tracks and traffic signals were rendered unusable, leaving a vital part of the Italian rail network disabled with significant train delays throughout the country.<ref name=CDS>Template:Cite news</ref> The damage to the structure has rendered the building in danger of collapse, with problems and delays going on for long time after the accident.<ref name=CDS/>

After 3 years of work, on 28 November 2011 the new station was inaugurated. The new Tiburtina is dedicated to the traditional regional trains and to the high speed rail services on the Milan-Naples line. The new station is expected to reach a daily ridership of over 450,000 by 2015.<ref name=CR1>Template:Cite news</ref><ref name=CDSR1>Template:Cite news</ref> The station is served by 140 high speed trains and 290 regional trains every day.<ref name=CDSR1 />


Roma Tiburtina station is served by Tiburtina, a station on Line B of the Rome metro. The station also features a large and important bus station that serves both national and international destinations, such as Kiev.

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