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The Bucharest National Opera (Template:Lang-ro) is one of the national opera and ballet companies of Romania. It is situated in a historical building in Bucharest, raised in 1953,<ref name="HIST"/> near the Cotroceni neighbourhood.

The first opera performed there was Tchaikovsky's Queen of Spades on 9 January 1954; the first ballet was Coppélia, the following night.<ref name="HIST">History of the company at the official website (in English)</ref>

Its auditorium has 952 seats, but occasionally concerts are held in the Yellow Foyer with a maximum of 200 seats. The company presented 182 performances in 2009 (up from 146 in 2006). At the beginning of each season, a free show is held in open air to promote opera and the artists, "Promenada Operei".

Their annual season runs September–June.

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