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Rotterdam Zuid is a railway station in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, located on the Breda–Rotterdam railway between Rotterdam and Dordrecht. It is situated at the end of the Willemsspoortunnel in the borough of Feijenoord.


Rotterdam Zuid was first opened on 2 May 1877 as a station on the Breda–Rotterdam railway (Staatslijn I). To the North there was the Hefbrug connecting the railtracks from the Northern and Southern Part of Rotterdam, and to the South there was Barendrecht; at that time the Rotterdam-South region wasn't as developed as today. It was a simple station, without a building and with 2 platforms. After World War II the reconstruction of the railroad tracks in- and round Rotterdam began. In 1958 Rotterdam Zuid was renewed and had gained a small building.

The station remained this way until the next reconstruction in 1993: A tunnel was being built to replace the fly-over at Blaak and the bridges over the Meuse. The railway station Rotterdam Zuid was given a total Make-Over. The number of tracks between Rotterdam and Dordrecht was being expanded from 2 to 4, giving Rotterdam Zuid 4 platform tracks. To reach all of these platforms, a traverse was built over the station, connecting the 'Rosestraat' and the 'Oranjeboomstraat'.

Train services

The following services call at Rotterdam Blaak:

  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) The Hague - Rotterdam - Dordrecht - Breda
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) The Hague - Rotterdam - Dordrecht - Roosendaal

Bus and tram services

Rotterdam Zuid is a stop for the following Bus lines on the RET network.

Bus Service Route Notes
48 Centraal Station - Station Zuid - Keizerswaard Station Zuid - Keizerswaard only during peek hours and Feyenoord matches.
66 Zuidplein - Feijenoord

At night, Rotterdam Zuid is connected by the Bob bus, operated by RET. Bob is a drink or drive campaign.

Bob Busline Route Notes
BOB 7 Rotterdam Centraal - Spijkenisse Centrum Nightly

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