Royal Military Exhibition

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The Royal Military Exhibition was held in 1890 at Gordon House, Chelsea and the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London to display the work of soldiers of all ranks in the British Army, Royal Marines and Auxiliary Forces.<ref name="times1" /> Profit from the exhibition was to support the Church of England Soldier's Institutes located on Army bases.<ref name="times2" />

The exhibition was opened on 7 May 1890 by the Prince of Wales and featured three themes, the industrial work of the soldier, articles of equipment, collection of pictures and other objects of military interest.<ref name="times2" /> The exhibition also had tournament displays of military bands, tug-of-war and demonstration ascents of war balloons.<ref name="times3" /> The exhibition closed on 1 November 1890 with a firework display, it was announced that £10,000 had been handed over to the Church of England Soldier's Institute.<ref name="times4" />