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Template:Infobox station Sainte-Catherine/Sint-Katelijne is a Brussels metro station in the City of Brussels, Belgium. It is located between the "Quai aux Briques/Baksteenkaai" and the "Quai du Bois à Brûler/Brandhoutkaai," near the church of St. Catherine, which gives the station its name. The station was inaugurated when the first Brussels Metro line was converted from "premetro" (operated with trams) to "heavy" metro. It is currently served by lines 1A and 1B, which use the same tracks at this point.

The station was opened on 13 April 1977 - a short extension from the neighbouring De Brouckère station. Until 1981 (with the opening of the extension to Beekkant), the station was the western terminus of the Metro.

The station is unique in Brussels for being located in the reclaimed and covered space of an old harbor dock. Because of this, the metro tunnel runs very shallow at this point, making the station one of the few in Brussels that lack an underground mezzanine. Entrances and exits from the station lead up into the middle of the Sainte Catherine square.

Because of the proximity of the foundations of St. Catherine's church and the old city wall, the line immediately to the east of the station has the sharpest curve on the entire Brussels Metro system and is subject to a severe speed restriction.Template:Citation needed

In late 2006 and in 2007, the underground station underwent a thorough renovation giving it a more modern look both under and above ground.


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