Saint Georges Hotel, London

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Template:Infobox hotel Saint Georges Hotel is a hotel in Central London, England.<ref name="PorterPrince2010">Template:Cite book</ref>It is located on the corner of Langham Place and Rising House Street. The site on which the hotel is located was formerly the Queen's Hall (bombed in 1941) and was developed by the Crown Estate.<ref name="HibbertWeinreb2009">Template:Cite book</ref>

The 86<ref name="HibbertWeinreb2009"/> guest rooms of the Saint Georges Hotel occupy floors 9 to 14 of the building. Two of the floors of the hotel contain the executive suites; there are eight hotel suites in total. The hotel is served by the The Heights Restaurant, Bar and Lounge on the fifteenth floor serving contemporary European and International dishes.



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