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Template:Infobox settlement Saint Michel is a northern central residential area; part of the traditional Quartier of Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco. It is also one of the ten modern administrative Wards of Monaco.


Saint Michel lies on the north center of the country, just north of Monte Carlo. Saint Michel is generally considered part of Monte Carlo even though it is its own administrative Ward. It runs directly along the neighboring French town of Beausoleil, as well as the Monégasque Wards of, Monte Carlo, La Condamine and Moneghetti.


Saint Michel is the third largest ward in Monaco in terms of population, and the fourth smallest in terms of land size. Saint Michel has a Population of 3,907 and is 0.14 km².

Monaco has ten state-operated schools, four private schools, and one university. Two state schools and two private schools are located in this district.


Saint Michel is more of a residential area, but a dozen small hotels and bed & breakfasts, can be found here, helping Monaco's high end tourism industry.


Saint Michel is more of a residential community, but boosts many boutiques and restaurants. Because of Saint Michel's location more outside the center of the city, its real estate sales are generally less. Averaging 10% to 15% less, than neighboring Monte Carlo or La Condamine. Saint Michel also boasts a wide variety of car dealers, such as Honda, BMW and Tesla.

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