San Giuseppe (Florence)

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Template:Infobox religious building The church of San Giuseppe is located on Via San Giuseppe, near Piazza Santa Croce, in central Florence, Italy, and is one of two churches and an oratory in the city dedicated to St Joseph.


The church was built on a site that once held the oratory of the Confraternity of St Joseph, and the present church designed by Baccio d'Agnolo. In 1583, the complex was deded to the Minims of St Francis of Paola. A new facade was completed in 1759. When the minims were suppressed in 1784, the convent was put to new uses.


In the 1700s, the interior was frescoed by Sigismondo Betti and Pietro Anderlini (1752).The baroque interior conserves a painted crucifix by Lorenzo Monaco, with which the Battuti Neri or black hooded penitents from this church, accompanied those condemned to death to the scaffold outside of the city gate called porta alla Giustizia. It contains two canvases by Santi di Tito: a Nativity and St Francesco di Paola heals the ill.