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File:Ludovisi - S. Patrizio.jpg
San Patrizio a Villa Ludovisi

San Patrizio a Villa Ludovisi is a Roman Catholic parish and titular church in Rome.<ref name=d1p06>Template:Catholic-hierarchy</ref> It is one of the national churches of Ireland.

The earliest church on the site was dedicated to Santa Maria in Posterula, but this was demolished (although the frescoes were saved and moved to this one) when this one was built in the Nordic classical style in the early 20th century by Aristide Leonori. Its current Cardinal-Priest is Thomas Collins, the Archbishop of Toronto.<ref name=d1p06/>

List of cardinal protectors

  • William Conway (25 February 1965 – 17 April 1977)
  • Tomás Ó Fiaich (30 June 1979 – 8 May 1990)
  • Cahal Daly (28 June 1991 – 31 December 2009)
  • Thomas Collins (18 February 2012 – present)



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