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thumb San Roberto Bellarmino (Saint Robert Bellarmine), is a church in Rome founded by Pope Pius XI in 1933, after the canonisation of Jesuit Bellarmine in 1930 and his being made a Doctor of the Church in 1931. The architect Clemente Busiri Vici made the designs in the years 1931–1933. Construction took more than two decades, and it was consecrated in 1959 by Monsignor Luigi Traglia. It is served by the Jesuits, and has a mosaic by Renato Tomassi and a high altar donated by Beniamino Gigli. San Roberto Bellarmino is a titular church. Its cardinal priest is Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli, who was created Cardinal on 22 February, 2014.

Cardinal priests

  • Pablo Muñoz Vega, S.J. (28 April 1969 – 3 June 1994 )
  • Augusto Vargas Alzamora, S.J. (26 November 1994 – 4 September 2000 )
  • Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J. (21 February 2001 – 13 March 2013; elected Pope Francis.)
  • Mario Aurelio Poli (22 February 2014 - present )

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