San Sebastiano al Palatino

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thumb San Sebastiano al Palatino is a church in Rome. It is dedicated to Saint Sebastian, and is located on the Palatine Hill.

According to legend, it is built on the site of its dedicatee's martyrdom, with the first church constructed in the 10th century, and the second (and present) church being the result of Pope Urban VIII's 1624 rebuild. That rebuild preserved the apse frescoes (of Christ between Saint Lawrence and Saint Stephen, Saint Sebastian and Saint Zoticus as deacons, and below them Our Lady flanked by angels) from the original church.

Originally the church was known as Santa Maria in Pallara, after the Palladium, the ancient image of Athena from Troy which - along with some of the most sacred objects in pagan Rome - was allegedly kept in a pagan temple on the same site.

American Cardinal Edwin Frederick O'Brien is the church's Cardinal-Deacon, created on February 18 by Pope Benedict XVI at St. Peter's Basilica.