Santi Bartolomeo e Gaetano

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Template:Infobox religious building Santi Bartolomeo e Gaetano is a Renaissance style church in central Bologna.

A church at the site dedicated to St Bartolomeo had existed since the 5th century; it was likely built atop an even older church and housed Benedictine monks till the 16th century. In 1516, the architect Andrea Marchesi, also called il Formigine, designed the present structure on a commission of a member of the Gozzadini. The project, which is seen in the single-story portico along the exterior, was interrupted after the death of the patron, soon after completion of what became the side portico.


In 1599, the church came under the leadership of the Theatines, and in 1627, it led to a complete restructuring of the complex by Giovanni Battista Natali, called il Falzetta, and by Agostino Barelli. In 1671, when Cajetan, the founder of the Theatine order was canonized, the church gained the added name. The bell-tower and final chapels were completed by 1694.

The lunettes of the portico were decorated with scenes from the life of St Cajetan. The Baroque interior is decorated with paintings by Angelo Michele Colonna, Giuseppe and Antonio Rolli, Marcantonio Franceschini, Alessandro Tiarini, Ercole de Maria, and Carlo Baldi. In the chapels there are canvases of St Charles and the Angel by Ludovico Carracci, a Madonna and child by Guido Reni, an Annunciation by Francesco Albani and a St Cajetan by Lucio Massari.