Santi Fabiano e Venanzio a Villa Fiorelli

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Santi Fabiano e Venanzio a Villa Fiorelli (Sts Fabian and Venantius of Camerino by Villa Fiorelli), church on Via Terni, Rome. The parish was set up by Pope Pius XI, and the church opened for worship as the regional church of the Camerino region (served by diocesan clergy) in 1936. It was designed by Clemente Busciri Vici, with 3 naves, narrow side-aisles and a slightly slanting roof.

Pope Pius XII visited the church on 13 August 1943, the date of the second air bombardment of Rome, and two stones (along with a bronze door decorated with symbols of air warfare) commemorate this event and the names of bomb-victims in the parish. However, it was not formally consecrated until 1959 by Msgr. Luigi Traglia. The church is a cardinalitial title, and the present titular priest is Ján Chryzostom Korec S.J., Bishop of Nitra, Slovakia.

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