Santissime Stimmate di San Francesco

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Template:Infobox religious building The Ss. Stimmate di San Francesco ("Church of the Holy Stigmata of St. Francis") is a church in central Rome, Italy, in the Rione Pigna, sited where previously there was a church called Ss. Quaranta Martiri de Calcarario. It is located on via dei Cestari, near corner with Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and across the street and diagonal from the Largo di Torre Argentina.

A first church in the place was consecrated in 1297. In 1597 the land was given by Pope Clement VIII to the Confraternita delle Ss.Stimmate; the construction a new building was completed in 1714, on designs by Giovanni Battista Contini.

Art and architecture

The facade was designed by Antonio Canevari, in a plan recalling Pietro da Cortona's style. In the center niche formed by the interrupted tympanum is a statue of the saint receiving the stigmata as he looks heavenward. The ceiling has a Glory of St. Francis by Luigi Garzi, while the first chapel to the right has a Flagellation by Marco Benefial with a cupola frescoed by Giovanni Odazzi. The main altarpiece is a Saint Francis with stigmata (1719) by Francesco Trevisani. In the first chapel the left is a Ss. Quaranta Martiri (Holy 40 martyrs) by Giacinto Brandi, author of another St. Francis with Stigmata in the Hall of Stimmate.