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Template:Hatnote Template:Infobox German location Schönefeld is a suburban municipality in the Dahme-Spreewald district, Brandenburg, Germany. It borders the southeastern districts of Berlin. The municipal area encompasses Berlin Schönefeld Airport.


It is located about Template:Convert southeast of the Berlin city centre, next to one of Berlin's two airports, Berlin Schönefeld (SXF), which is to be replaced in by Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). The new airport is currently under construction and also to be located in Schönefeld, partly on land now occupied by the existing airport.

In the north, Schönefeld adjoins to the Berlin boroughs of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Neukölln, and Treptow-Köpenick with the localities of Lichtenrade, Gropiusstadt, Buckow, Rudow, Altglienicke, and Bohnsdorf. In the south, it borders Mittenwalde, in the west, Blankenfelde-Mahlow and in the east, Schulzendorf and Zeuthen.

Civil parishes

The Schönefeld municipal area comprises six districts (Ortsteile), former municipalities in their own right which were incorporated in 2003:

  • Schönefeld proper
  • Großziethen
  • Selchow
  • Kiekebusch
  • Waltersdorf
  • Waßmannsdorf

The settlement of Kienberg, part of Waltersdorf, was cleared of residents to permit expansion of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport and is to be developed as a commercial area.

History and monuments

The first preserved mention of Schönefeld in the Mittelmark territory dates back to 1242. Sconenfelde, then a possession held by the Lords of Selchow, is documented in the 1375 Landbuch (domesday book) of Emperor Charles IV, when he also ruled as Elector of Brandenburg. The village church, rebuilt in 1904/05 according to plans designed by Franz Heinrich Schwechten, includes a large Baroque altar. Waltersdorf and Waßmannsdorf also have village churches dating to the first half of the 13th century.

From 1933 onwards the Henschel aircraft company moved from Johannisthal Air Field to Schönefeld and had three runways laid out next tot he village. More than 14,000 warplanes were built at the site until 1945, when the premises were occupied by the Red Army. In the Großziethen cemetery is a memorial to 200 prisoners of war and forced laborers who died during World War II. The Soviet Air Forces used the air field from 1946, one year later the Soviet Military Administration ordered the buildup of a civil air service supplying East Berlin.

Before German reunification Schöneberg shared its borders partly with boroughs of former West Berlin (present-day Neukölln and Tempelhof-Schöneberg), and so from 1961 to 1990 it was separated from it by the Berlin Wall.


Population development within the actual boundaries
Year Population
1875 2903
1890 3415
1925 3918
1933 4278
1939 5811
1946 6397
1950 6446
1964 6117
1971 5605
1981 6068
Year Population
1985 5857
1989 5449
1990 5312
1991 5128
1992 5450
1993 6023
1994 6456
1995 7619
1996 8772
1997 9752
Year Population
1998 10496
1999 11059
2000 11218
2001 11405
2002 11667
2003 11843
2004 11993
2005 12274
2006 12354
2007 12462
Year Population
2008 12831
2009 13060
2010 13256
2011 13317
2012 13453

Detailed data sources are to be found in the Wikimedia Commons.

Economy and infrastructure


  • Berlin Schönefeld Airport, to be replaced with the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport
  • Berlin Schönefeld station, opened in 1951 on the Berlin outer ring, is currently served by regional (Regional-Express and Regionalbahn) and a few long-distance trains, as well as by the Berlin S-Bahn lines S45 and S9
  • Another train station beneath the new airport terminal, and an S-Bahn station at Waßmannsdorf, between there and the existing Schönefeld station, is under construction
  • The Schönefled interchange connects the autobahns A13, A113 with its A117 branch-off, and A10 (Berliner Ring).
  • Bundesstraßen B96A and B179


The Airport-Center, an industrial area in Waltersdorf, and Berlin Schönefeld Airport are important sources of revenue for Schönefeld.Template:Citation needed

The head office of Private Wings is located in the General Aviation Terminal (Allgemeine Luftfahrt) on the property of Schönefeld Airport. Before its disestablishment, the East German airline company Interflug had its head office on the grounds of the airport. Bremenfly also had its head office in Schönefeld.


Seats in the municipal council (Gemeinderat):

  • Alle für Eine voters' association: 5
  • Christian Democratic Union (CDU): 7
  • Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD): 3
  • The Left: 2
  • Schönefeld citizens' initiative (BIS): 1
  • Pro Schönefeld citizens' association: 4

Notable people

  • Rosemarie Clausen, theatrical photographer, born in Großziethen in 1907

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