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School of Community and Health Sciences is the health school of City University London. It is composed of the former St Bartholomew School of Nursing & Midwifery and School of Allied Health Science.

The School offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research degree programmes for those entering or working health and community-related professions. Disciplines covered include nursing, midwifery, health management, clinical leadership, food policy, speech therapy, diagnostic radiography, therapeutic radiography and optometry.


The School was formed in 2008 when the nursing and midwifery college merged with the allied health sciences departments.

The School of Nursing and Midwifery dates its history back over 120 years ago to the schools of St Bartholomew's Hospital and the Royal London Hospital, the former of which began training in 1867, formalised into a School in 1877. These merged in 1994 to become the St Bartholomew School of Nursing & Midwifery. In 1995 the new school was incorporated into City University London. Both schools have a strong and respected history and have produced many nurse leaders and educators. The school has since been incorporated into the School of Health Sciences.


The School of Community and Health Sciences, is the most dispersed school with sites at:

  • Northampton Square
  • Fight for Sight Optometry Clinic - Bath Road (Old Street area)
  • Radiography - Goswell Road
  • Nursing and Midwifery has two sites at Whitechapel and Smithfield.

Library Services

The School has three libraries. The libraries at Whitechapel and West Smithfield largely cover Nursing and Midwifery. The library at Northampton Square has a wider subject range. Its shelves hold books on food policy, speech and language therapy, optometry and radiography.

The staff include three Learning and Teachning Co-ordinators who help staff and students use the library resources.

The libraries are open to all students and staff of City University London. Staff members of the Barts and the London trust and sconul card holders can also become members and use the library services.

Department of Radiography

The Department of Radiography at City University London offer two postgraduate degree courses; BSc (Hons) Radiography (Diagnostic Imaging) and BSc (Hons) Radiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology) as well as various other post graduate courses.

Diagnostic Radiography

The BSc (Hons) Radiography (Diagnostic Imaging) course at City involves students learning anatomy, physiology and pathology, radiographic technique, radiation physics, equipment and digital imaging over the three year Bachelor of Science degree program. Students will spend roughly 50% of their time at the university campus and the other 50% based at their clinical training hospital.



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