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Sendling is a borough of Munich. It is located south-west of the city centre and spans of the city boroughs Sendling and Sendling-Westpark. Sendling is sub-divided into Obersendling, Mittersendling and Untersendling. Unter- and Mittersendling are located in the borough of Sendling, Obersendling is located in the borough of Thalkirchen-Obersendling-Forstenried-Fürstenried-Solln.


Sendling is mainly a residential quarter, with shops and businesses straddling the Plinganserstraße around the historical core of Sendling. It is a multicultural quarter, having one of the largest rates of foreigners among the population. The proposed site for the new Mosque in Sendling is located at Gotzinger Platz, opposite St. Korbinian Church.

Harras, an urban square near the historical centre of Sendling, is the busiest square of the borough. A number of shops and businesses line the square; Plinganserstraße, an important traffic artery running from north to south, skirts Harras in the east. A railway station, Harras Station, is located nearby, serviced by U-Bahn metro and S-Bahn suburban trains. Harras is the business point in Munich-South. There are many shops, working places and two of the biggest schools in Munich : Dante-Gymnasium and Klenze-Gymnasium

The Westpark is a large recreational park located in the west of the borough. It was laid out for the International Gardening Exhibition that took place in Munich in 1983. Munich's main traffic artery, the Mittlerer Ring cuts right through the park and divides it into an eastern and a western park.

The Wholesale Market Munich, located in the eastern part of the borough, is Europe's third-largest grocercy market as well as the borough's largest single employer.

Sendling is served by the U-Bahn metro lines 3 and 6 as well as the S-Bahn suburban trains 7, 20 and 27. Harras Station is served by some regional train services, as well.

Sendling's Night of Murder


Historically, Sendling is known for the Sendlinger Mordweihnacht ("Sendling's Night of Murder"), a massacre of rebelling peasants which took place there in 1705.


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