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Template:Infobox settlement Serravalle is a castello located in the European republic of San Marino. With a population of 10,591 inhabitants (of that a scarce 2,000 are of foreign origin, conditions 2006) and a surface of 10.53 km², it is not only the most densely populated municipality in San Marino, but it also contains its largest city (Dogana). Serravalle is located on the edge of the Apennines Mountains.


The town borders on San Marinese municipalities of Domagnano and Borgo Maggiore and the Italian municipalities Verucchio, Rimini and Coriano. Serravalle counts a surrounding quarter named Galazzano, where the weather station and an industrial area are located.


First mentioned in a 962 document, in medieval times this town was called Castrum Olnani (after named Olnano), the village of the elm trees. Serravalle attached to San Marino in 1463, during the last territorial expansion of the Republic. Its current name is derived from the Italian words serra (mountain range) and valle (valley).


Serravalle has 8 parishes (curazie):

  • Cà Ragni, Cinque Vie, Dogana, Falciano, Lesignano, Ponte Mellini, Rovereta, Valgiurata

Points of interest

  • Chiesa di Sant Andrea (Saint Andrea's Church), built in 1824 by Luigi Fonti
  • Olympic stadium, not actually a stadium built to house the Olympics, but rather to house local San Marino football games



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