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Sint Jansbrug (lit. "Bridge of Saint John") is a student fraternity in the city of Delft in the Netherlands, founded in 1947. As of 2005, it has roughly 650 members, and owns two buildings on the "Oude Delft", a street in the centre of Delft. Both buildings are considered official monuments.

The fraternity is considered smaller and therefore more accessible than other student fraternities in Delft, while retaining its traditions and mores. It offers cheap student dinners for both members and non-members, as well as a coffee and tea cafe called Oele.


Sint Jansbrug has a 'open eettafel'. This means that everyone can come in and have dinner here. The 'eettafel' is open from 17.30 to 19.30 for everyone who would like a divers and nice meal. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday a meal is just 4.00 euros, the other days it's 3.75 euros. This is because of the fact that on Monday, Wednesday and Friday you'll get soup and service. Every meal consists of a basic meal (meat or vegetarian), salad and an option to get some more if you would like that.


Oele is the coffee cafe on the top floor of Sint Jansbrug. On every weekday, both members and non-members can enjoy coffee/tea and free cookies. Every Friday, Oele is transformed into a full-featured bar, serving all kinds of delicious beers and liquors.

Oele is run by eight second year student members of Sint Jansbrug. Every year a new group of students starts running the attic.

Jaarclubs (or year groups)

Every year new members of Sint Jansbrug form so called Jaarclubs (year groups). These groups consist of about 11 to 15 members form the same year. Sint Jansbrug has both men-only and ladies-only yearclubs, but it has also mixed yearclubs. These groups usually meet once a week.

Gilden (or Guilds)

Besides jaarclubs there are gilden as well. A guild isn't a guild in the historical sense, but it consist of members of Sint Janbsbrug from different years with similar interests. To become a member of a guild you have to be invited by members of the guild. Only members of the 2nd year or higher can be invited. Sint Jansbrug recognises 13 different guilds, each with its own characteristics. Not every member of Sint Jansbrug gets invited by a guild and not every invited member will eventually become a member of that particular guild.



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