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Template:Infobox frazione Sottomarina is an Italian town of Roman origin. It is a frazione, and nowadays quarter, of the comune of Chioggia, which is part of the province of Venice in the Veneto region of northern Italy.


Like Venice and along with the rest of Chioggia, it is an island cut into pieces by canals, and it has bridges to bring the island together. The island is 5 km by 300 meters in size.


Sottomarina was known as Clodia minor in the 7th century AD. The hamlet was governed by a tribune, and was connected to Chioggia by a stone bridge. The town was destroyed in 1379, in the course of the War of Chioggia between the Republics of Genoa and Venice, remaining uninhabited and subject to floods.

It was rebuilt only in the 17th century. The seaside area was largely modified when, in the late 19th century, the course of Brenta River was changed and, in the 1930s, a dam was built in the San Felice area (south of Chioggia's port).


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