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The South-East Essex Technical College and School of Art (aka Dagenham School of Art) was a technical college and school of art based in Longbridge Road, Dagenham, a suburb in east London, formerly in Essex, England.


The Becontree estate was the largest public housing project in the world when it was completed in the mid-1930s. Recognising the need for education but with no responsibility to provide it, the London County Council transferred 24 acres on the western edge of the estate to Essex County Council, who built a technical college (the South East Essex Technical College) and a secondary school (South East Essex Technical High School) on the site.<ref name=LSIS3>Template:Cite web</ref> The College opened in 1936,<ref name=LE>Template:Cite</ref> in a building designed by J.Stuart.<ref name=LE />

During World War II, the College was commandeered by the British Army and the Royal Air Force.Template:Citation needed The secondary school moved to a new site in Cannington Road in 1960.<ref name=LSIS3/> The technical college was renamed Barking Regional College of Technology in 1965, following the creation of the London Borough of Barking.<ref name=LSIS3/> In 1969 it became the Barking Campus of the North East London Polytechnic, which in turn became the Polytechnic of East London in 1988 and the University of East London in 1992.<ref name=LSIS3/> In 2006 the campus was closed and sold for redevelopment by Taylor Wimpey. Flats in the main building is being marketed as "Mayesbrook Manor", and new buildings on the rest of the site are being branded "Academy Central".<ref name=LSIS3/>

Notable alumni

  • Ron Embleton (1930–1988) — comics artist and illustrator
  • Edna Mann (1926–1985) — painter and founder member of the Borough Group<ref name="cliff-holden">Template:Cite web</ref>
  • Dorothy Mead (1928–1975) — painter and founder member of the Borough Group<ref name="cliff-holden" />
  • Jeremy Ratter (aka Penny Rimbaud, born 1943) — drummer, writer, and poet

Notable teachers

  • David Bomberg (1890–1957) — painter<ref name="cliff-holden" />
  • Norman Sillman (born 1921) — sculptor and coin designer
  • Eric Baker (activist) (1920-1976) - General Secretary and a founder of Amnesty International; a founder of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

See also

  • Barking and Dagenham College

The SEETCaSA Technical High School, which I attended (same class as Ron Embleton)had a remarkable Headmaster - J.J. Arthur, who guided the school throughout the war

  • (we were not completely taken over) and at every time, despite bombings and evacuations he knew the name and family background of each of the 2,000odd pupils under his charge. We also had an inspiring teacher of English and History; I think she was named Miss Williams, who was later augmented by Miss Rosemary Timperley, a well-published author. South Essex College



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