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Template:Infobox station Spagna is an underground station on Line A of the Rome Metro, which was inaugurated in 1980. It is situated in the Campus Martius and is named after the nearby Piazza di Spagna.

The station has an entrance near the Villa Borghese at the top of the Spanish Steps. This entrance has outdated signage indicating that the A Line only travels between Anagnina and Ottaviano, a sign dating to before 2000. Another entrance is located up a short back street from the Piazza di Spagna.


This station has:

  • 24px Parking at Villa Borghese
  • 24px Escalators
  • 24px Elevators

Located nearby

  • Piazza di Spagna/Spanish Steps
  • Via del Babuino
  • Via dei Condotti
  • Spanish Embassy to the Holy See
  • De La Ville Hotel Intercontinental
  • Trinità dei Monti
  • Sallustiano Obelisk
  • Colonna dell'Immacolata
  • Palazzo di Propaganda Fide
  • Museo di Keats e Shelley
  • Villa Medici
  • Villa Borghese
  • Pincio
  • Piazza Colonna
  • Palazzo Montecitorio
  • Palazzo Chigi
  • Column of Marcus Aurelius
  • Galleria Alberto Sordi
  • Via del Corso
  • Santa Maria in Via
  • Palazzo Borghese
  • Ara Pacis
  • Mausoleum of Augustus

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