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File:Brussels - Le rond-point Montgomery .jpg
View of the Square Montgomery roundabout

Template:Italic title Square Montgomery (French) or Montgomeryplein (Dutch) is a major intersection in the east of Brussels in the commune of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. It is named in honor of Field Marshal Montgomery. It is situated on the intersection of Avenue de Tervueren and the boulevards Brand Whitlock and Saint-Michel. Below the square, Montgomery metro station is a stop for trams 7, 25, 39 and 44, while tram 81 and various STIB bus services stop at surface level.


At surface level, the traffic intersection takes the form of a multi-lane roundabout. Traffic not turning is routed through two tunnels: the Tervuren Tunnel takes vehicles travelling on the Avenue de Tervueren under the junction, while traffic on the greater ring (boulevards Brand Whitlock and Saint-Michel) is routed away from the intersection via the Montgomery Tunnel.

The centre of the roundabout is occupied by a large fountain, while a statue of British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery stands on Avenue de Tervueren facing it.