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St. Thomas the Apostle College is a Roman Catholic secondary school for boys in Nunhead, London. It was founded in September 1965.

There are four houses, named after four English martyrs from the 16th century during the reign of Elizabeth I - Griffith, Gunstone, Saint John Jones and Saint John Rigby. Some confusion can be found in the details of the houses, because St. John Jones went by the name of 'Griffith' during the 16th century.

The Head of School is Mr. Eamon Connolly, formerly Vice Principal of Mossbourne Academy. Mr. Serge Cefai (Headteacher of Sacred Heart RC School, Camberwell) is Executive Headteacher. The previous Headteacher, Mr. Damian Fox moved in December 2010 and Mr. Simon Cowdry was appointed Acting Headteacher pending a formal recruitment process for the vacant Headteacher position. Mr Connolly was appointed with effect from August/September 2012, replacing Mr. Cowdry following his resignation as Acting Headteacher. There have only been five headmasters at the school during its history.

Under the previous senior leadership team, on March 2010, Ofsted inspected the school and it was dropped from being good to satisfactory, with particular points for improvement identified in Leadership & Management, Quality of Teaching and Outcomes. The Ofsted report in May 2013 identified significant improvements in Leadership & Management and Behaviour of Pupils but noted that Quality of Teaching required improvement. The School remains Satisfactory with a number of good features.

The new School building was opened by the Archbishop of Southwark, Peter Smith, in January 2013.

As at August 2013, St Thomas the Apostle College has achieved its best ever GCSE results, recording 71% A*-C, including English & Maths.

History of the College

St. Thomas the Apostle College opened in September 1965 as St. Thomas the Apostle School. The initial intake came from 2 Schools – English Martyrs and St Francis. In September 1967 boys from Archbishop Amigo also joined. The founder Headmaster was Mr W. Uden and his first Deputy was Mr. D. Crawford. Mr. Crawford retired in July 1982 and Mr. Uden at Christmas 1982. Initially there was a V1 Form but this was lost after the reorganisation of Catholic Schools in 1985 due to falling rolls.Template:Citation needed

The College became Grant Maintained in September 1994 and became known as St. Thomas The Apostle College. In 1998 the College reverted to a Voluntary Aided College.

Dr. Tope retired after 21 years as Principal in July 2004 and was succeeded by Mr Damian Fox who moved in December 2010. Due to uncertainty with the leadership of the school, Mr. Cowdry was appointed Acting Headmaster in January 2011 to work with Mr. Cefai, Headteacher of Sacred Heart School, Camberwell, as Executive Head. Following the recruitment process, Mr. Cowdry left and Mr. Connolly was appointed, again to work with Mr. Cefai.


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