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Stadionul Republicii (Template:Lang-en) was a multi-use stadium in Bucharest, Romania.

It was used mostly for football matches. The stadium was able to hold 28,026 spectators at its height and originally opened in 1948. It hosted a number of 42 matches for the Romania national football team, 1 match for the Olympic National Team, 22 Romanian Football Cup finals and 15 European Cup matches.

The stadium was originally built in 1926 as the Stadionul Oficiul Na?ional de Educa?ie Fizic?, or simply Stadionul ONEF, and inaugurated on 9 May 1926 with a rugby match against the French army. It was destroyed by fire and rebuilt under the name Stadionul Republicii in 1948.

It is located on Spirii Hill, the current location of the Palace of the Parliament. Since everything on the hill was cleared, including a former social high class and historic neighborhood, the stadium was demolished, but even to this day the ruins of the stands can be seen from above.Template:Cn

There were projects to move the National Football Stadium that would host a UEFA Europa League final between 2010 and 2013 to the same location, but those failed when the city's town hall decided to demolish the Stadionul Na?ional and build a brand new one dedicated only to football and concerts.

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