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Template:Unreferenced Template:Infobox settlement Stadsdriehoek is a neighborhood at the center of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The name Stadsdriehoek ("City Triangle") refers to the historical triangular form of the city of Rotterdam, which was bordered by the Coolsingel and the Schiedamsevest to the west, the Goudsevest to the northeast, and by the Nieuwe Maas to the south.


200px The triangular form of the city of Rotterdam dates back to the Late Middle Ages. At that time, the Blaak formed the southern border of the city. In the 16th century, the "Waterstad" was established, extending the city to the Nieuwe Maas. This new area lay outside the levee and was an area for maritime and business activities. With this, the present-day form of the Stadsdriehoek was completed.

Almost none of the historical buildings in the neighborhood were spared from the Rotterdam Blitz on May 14, 1940. Only two buildings more than 200 years old survive today, the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk (English: Great, or St. Lawrence Church) and the Schielandshuis.

In line with the Rotterdam redevelopment plans, the residential functions of the Stadsdriehoek were greatly reduced after 1946. After 1975, however, a great deal of housing was added to the neighborhoods (as well as surrounding areas). Most of the central functions of the neighborhood lie in the neighboring Cool district, which was assigned an important shopping and entertainment role in postwar rebuilding plans.


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