Station Porte de Bourgogne (Tram de Bordeaux)

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Porte de Bourgogne station is located on line 20px and line 20px of the tramway de Bordeaux. This stations serves as a junction between two lines. It also allows the passage from one line to another through a switch between the two lines.


The station is located on Quay Richelieu in Bordeaux, close to place Bir-Hakeim. Line A continues towards pont de Pierre and line C towards the quays.


Apart from the junctions between the two tram lines, Porte de Bourgogne stations has junctions with two bus lines (Salinières stop).

  • Bus de la TBC:
Ligne 24 Porte de Bourgogne <=> Pessac-Bougnard
Citéis 45 Jardin Botanique (operation buckles some around the center of Bordeaux)

Close by

  • Porte de Bourgogne (Place Bir-Hakeim)
  • Les Quais
  • Pont de Pierre

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