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The Strangers' Gallery is set aside for members of the public at the British House of Commons, and is intended for both invited and uninvited members of the public to watch the proceedings of the House. A similar gallery exists in the House of Lords. Members of the public may obtain tickets from their Member of Parliament. It is possible to queue outside St Stephen's Tower and be admitted to the gallery without booking, especially on Fridays, however during popular debates it will be nearly impossible to obtain a place without booking. The name refers to the traditional use of the term strangers to refer to those present in Parliament that are neither members nor staff.

The gallery of the House of Commons is located on a level above the floor of the Commons chamber and looks down on it. There is a recently introduced glass screen at the front of the gallery to prevent the throwing of objects into the chamber.

MPs are not permitted to look at or acknowledge the presence of anybody in the gallery.Template:CN

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