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See also Sunbury railway station, Melbourne.

Template:Infobox UK station Sunbury railway station is in the town of Sunbury-on-Thames, in the Spelthorne district of Surrey, England. The station and all trains serving it are operated by South West Trains.

Its ticket office on the London-bound platform is staffed only in peak hours however beside it is a ticket vending machine. A car park is adjacent to the London-bound platform with limited free parking by the Shepperton-bound platform.


The Shepperton branch opened to passengers on 1 November 1864. The original scheme intended that it would extend to a terminus on the Middlesex bank of the River Thames just east of Chertsey Bridge, but this plan was abandoned in 1862. The curve linking Fulwell and Teddington initially opened only to freight on 1 July 1894 and then carried passengers on 1 June 1901 as the replacement principal route. The line was electrified on 30 January 1916.


The typical weekday hourly service at the station is:

  • 2 trains to London Waterloo via Kingston and Clapham Junction
  • 2 trains from London Waterloo by that route.

Monday to Friday, four additional early morning rush-hour trains to Waterloo are routed via Twickenham and Richmond. Three additional evening rush-hour trains from Waterloo arrive via that route.

The Saturday service is as on other weekdays without the extra services routed via Twickenham. On Sundays the service is hourly.

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