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Demolition of the Switel Hotel in 2004

The Switel Hotel fire took place on 31 December 1994 during a New Year's Eve party in the Switel Hotel at the Kievitplein in Antwerp, Belgium.

At about 22:50 fire broke out in the Tenerife party hall when the party decorations caught fire. Fifteen people died<ref name="gva">Template:Nl Template:Cite news</ref> and 164 people were severely injured.<ref name="humo">Template:Nl Template:Cite news</ref> Dutch singer Lee Towers was one of the guests at the party, he escaped unscathed but his wife Laura got severe burns.<ref name="trouw">Template:Nl Template:Cite news</ref>

Luk Serré, the hotel's catering manager, was indicted for being responsible for the fire but later released from prosecution. Fifteen years later he released a book about his experiences.<ref name="gva"/><ref name="humo"/>

In October 2003 a permit was issued for the demolition of the hotel.<ref name="standaard">Template:Nl Template:Cite news</ref>


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