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Template:Infobox UK school Sydenham High School is an Independent school for 4-18 year old girls located in London, England. Sydenham High School was founded by the Girls’ Public Day School Trust in 1887. Since then, the original school of 20 pupils has been transformed into a school of 700 girls. The school is separated into the senior and junior schools, each with a separate site located close to one another on Westwood Hill, Sydenham.

Notable former pupils

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  • Margaret Lockwood, (1916-1990), actress
  • G. E. M. Anscombe, philosopher
  • Sandy Powell, BAFTA-winning costume designer
  • Emily Joyce,actress
  • Philippa Darbre, proposed a link between breast cancer and parabens found in deodorants and other products
  • Sophie McKenzie, author of books such as Blood Ties
  • Elly Jackson, lead singer with pop group La Roux
  • Florence Rawlings, musician

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