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Tattenham Corner, Tattenhams or Great Tattenham and Little Tattenham is a suburban village in Surrey, UK well inside the M25 motorway with housing type, roads and its end-of-line railway station meaning it has a high proportion of Central London commuters. It adjoins the entrance to the Epsom Downs Racecourse and is historically a part of Epsom. The location is west of the A240. The town of Epsom is below the racecourse however is in its own district rather than Reigate and Banstead. Neighbouring villages other than Epsom Downs were formed from Banstead's former common on this widest part of the escarpment of the North Downs: Tadworth, Kingswood and Burgh Heath. Tattenham Corner's long western border adjoins the larger expanse of the racecourse combined with Walton Downs.


Epsom parish

The history of the upper part of Epsom Downs, a definitive piece of land to Epsom's former actual community's character, not merely by association but by produce and a common set of facilities is that of what would become Tattenham Corner – this upper part of the Downs lay until 1967 in a parish which was not just nominally an Epsom parish, as that created in 1967 for Tattenham Corner. Rather, instead Epsom Downs had its church outside of its present area, within the town itself, right down the hill. Tattenham was, as such, hillslopes of the North Downs used largely for cattle pasture, sheep farming and wood gathering.<ref name=e>Template:Cite web</ref> By the 1770s, Tattenham Corner was the established name for the top end of the relatively new racecourse.<ref name=e/> As recently as 1911, Epsom covered Template:Convert.<ref name=e/>

Banstead parish

Relevant to Burgh Heath and the other green buffers of this area therefore is the history also of Banstead Downs. This would endure in having a far greater area of pasture, dry in the sense of far-from human-sustaining levels of water hillsides, following the setting aside of some of Epsom Downs as a racecourse, and hosted (1850-1950) many new villages, much larger today, as water could be successful piped uphill and deeper wells dug than ever before and new railways arrived.<ref name=b>Template:Cite web</ref>


The main amenity is a group of largely convenience and regular services shops immediately east of the station, where there is also a branch-level library.


Tattenham Corner forms almost an exact square, less a small rectangle in the south-west corner forming Burgh Heath (the park). Elevations range between 180m AOD (above sea level) towards its south-west and 140m along most of the northern border. As such it has a sub-locality is within it, Great Burgh, which usually refers only to the former manor site there.

A residential community, Tattenhams have the traditional definition of the established church parish (built and created in 1967) and that as one of the wards of the United Kingdom, which is approximately the same.<ref>Tattenham Corner, St Mark ('Epsom') The Church of England Retrieved 2013-12-29
C of E compiled parish map</ref> Lacking street sign settlement names, Tattenham Corner looks somewhat towards these boundaries and somewhat towards other areas that have amenities in common: including for example Banstead Athletc F.C.'s ground is squarely within Tattenham, others with shared amenities are Tadworth, Burgh Heath (its park), Nork and Epsom.<ref name=os>Grid square map Ordnance survey website</ref>

Demography and housing

2011 Census Homes
Ward Detached Semi-detached Terraced Flats and apartments Caravans/temporary/mobile homes/houseboats Shared between households<ref name=ons/>
Tattenhams 1,006 902 585 630 0 0
The average level of accommodation in the region composed of detached houses was 28%, the average that was apartments was 22.6%.
2011 Census Households
Ward Population Households % Owned outright % Owned with a loan hectares<ref name=ons/>
Tattenhams 7,370 3,123 38 38 245

The proportion of households who owned their home outright compares to the regional average of 35.1%. The proportion who owned their home with a loan compares to the regional average of 32.5%. The remaining % is made up of rented dwellings (plus a negligible % of households living rent-free).

Homes, mostly split between the three main types of houses with gardens are predominantly of early twentieth-century origin. The fourth category of homes here, apartments range in date from the late-twentieth to the early twenty-first centuries.


Tattenham Corner railway station is where Queen Elizabeth II used to be dropped off by the Royal Train on race days, and is closer to the racecourse than Epsom Downs railway station. There are several bus services going through the area, towards Epsom, Sutton or Redhill. In 1993 it was the site of a train crash, where a driver several times over the then legal drink-drive limit failed to stop the train at the buffers, crashing into the station-hut.

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