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The ClementJames Centre is a UK education charity (number 1009253)<ref name=CR1 /> based in North Kensington, a deprived area in London.

Adult Programmes

For disadvantaged adults, this includes ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), basic skills, advice and guidance and volunteering opportunities to adults with English as a second language; 100% of the higher level students in 2011 gained a university place or employment on completion of their course.Template:Citation needed

This is supplemented by an adult employment programme, Intowork, designed to break the cycle of generations of unemployment in the local population. The centre provides qualifications, coaching, job preparation and application support, and actual work experience. 75% of the participants in the first year of delivery (2011) are now in employment or training. Template:Citation needed

Youth programs

Its programmes for disadvantaged young people (aged 7–18) enable them to attain a university place or another career qualification. They provide sustained academic support, trained mentors, and workshops; in 2011, 81% of the 144 year 13 students secured a place at Higher Education, compared to 24% nationally (on free school meals). Template:Citation needed Since 2007, the youth programs have been run by a sibling organization, IntoUniversity.<ref name=CR2>Template:Cite web</ref>

It also runs a summer arts programme, involving local children and young people in the preparations for the annual Notting Hill Carnival.


The charity's Chief Executive, Clare Richards MBE, received her award for work with this charity;. She is also a co-founder and Trustee of IntoUniversity.



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