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File:Mumraj 1991 photo.jpg
Leo Birinski´s Mumraj (Dance of Fools) in The Drama Club, 1991.

The Drama Club (Czech: ?inoherní klub) is a theatre located in Prague.

The Drama Club was founded by Ladislav Smo?ek and Jaroslav Vostrý. The opening performance of Piknik took place on 3 March 1965. The actors in the 1970s and 1980s included Petr ?epek, Pavel Landovský, Josef Somr, Ji?í Kodet, Jirina Trebicka, Libuše Šafránková and Josef Abrhám. On 19 November 1989, two days after the Velvet revolution, the Civic Forum was founded there. The Drama Club was awarded Alfréd Radok Award in category Theatre of the Year in 2002, and 2008. The current actors include Jaromír Dulava, Ivana Chýlková, Ond?ej Vetchý and Petr Nárožný.

Selected performances

  • 2008 – Ptákovina (The Blunder) by Milan Kundera, directed by Ladislav Smo?ek
  • 2006 – American Buffalo by David Mamet, d. Ond?ej Sokol
  • 2005 – The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh, d. Ond?ej Sokol
  • 2004 – The Goat, or, Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee, d. Martin ?i?vák, co-production with Slovak Arena Theatre
  • 2004 – Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet, d. Ond?ej Sokol
  • 2002 – The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh, d. Ond?ej Sokol
  • 2000 – Return to the Desert by Bernard-Marie Koltès, d. Roman Polák
  • 1992 – The Miser by Molière, d. Vladimír Strnisko
  • 1991 – Mumraj (The Dance of Fools) by Leo Birinski, d. Ladislav Smo?ek
  • 1989 – I Served the King of England by Bohumil Hrabal, d. Ivo Krobot
  • 1986 – Noises Off by Michael Frayn, d. Ji?í Menzel
  • 1982 – The Gamblers by Nikolai Gogol, d. Ladislav Smo?ek
  • 1981 – N?žný barbar by Bohumil Hrabal, d. Ivo Krobot
  • 1981 – Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald by Ödön von Horváth, d. Ladislav Smo?ek
  • 1978 – T?i v tom by Jaroslav Vostrý, d. Ji?í Menzel
  • 1970 – Hurá na Bastilu by Jan Vod?anský and Petr Skoumal, d. Petr Skoumal
  • 1969 – Hodinový hoteliér by Pavel Landovský, d. Evald Schorm
  • 1967 – The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter, d. Jaroslav Vostrý
  • 1967 – The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol, d. Jan Ka?er
  • 1966 – Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, d. Evald Schorm
  • 1966 – Dr. Burke's Strange Afternoon , written and directed by Ladislav Smo?ek
  • 1965 – Piknik, written and directed by Ladislav Smo?ek

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