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The English College in Prague - Anglické gymnázium, o.p.s.Template:Expand acronym is a selective Czecho-British secondary school, providing education in the English language. The system of the College is designed for students of 13-19 years of age (the Czech students arrive from the 7th class in primary school), and so is a 6-year school.

The College schools around 370 students, of which around 70% are Czech, and 30% from foreign countries, such as those in Eastern Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe, among others.Template:Citation needed


The College opened in September 1994, and as a project was endorsed by three major political parties in the United Kingdom, and President Havel and the Prince of Wales agreed to be Joint Patrons of the English College. In March 1995 the College became the first IB World School in the Czech Republic.

The College is governed by a Board of Governors drawn from the Czech Republic and the UK.


The College is nowadays situated at the subway station Vyso?anská. The school buildings include specialized science laboratories, an art centre and music room, a computer centre, a well-equipped library, a multi purpose hall and an all-weather outdoor area.


The curriculum is made of two leading educational programmes, the IGCSE and IB.Template:Expand acronym. Along with finishing the IB in the sixth year, the students also get hold of the Czech Maturita, which is the legal document of achieving secondary education, and allows them to make their attempts to Czech universities.

Czech language is present as a part of the Maturita. Although for non-Czech speakers, a programme without it is prepared.

Extra Curricular Activities

The College provides numerous in-school and out-of-school activities including rock-climbing, chess and poem slam etc. The majority of students take part in many opportunities offered by the College, however a number of native students prefer to get swole instead. The so called 'hammerheads' or 'gymheads' spend the majority of the provide study periods in the gym cutting or gaining. This creates problems in their ability to complete deadlines but that is accepted as most teachers are afraid of their magnificent biceps. Although kept a secret, the College is run by the official group called 'ECP Bodybuilders United' through secret one on one meetings with the headmaster.